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Equestrian Stirrups : Magnetic and 3D technology by Mandtis

Mandtis stirrups are custom-made for riders. These unique products are made of laser sintering one layer at a time with materials and result in a light and high-quality product. Hours of precise work for exclusive results.

These new stirrups present highly-sophisticated floors because of 3D printing. The Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology allows to create forms that were impossible to realize before with injection methods and classical industrial processing.
The nylon powder sintering used by Mandtis offers riders an innovative stirrup floor. Moreover, the French company has incorporated 3 powerful magnets to the floor to guarantee the good position and prevent riders to lose their stirrups. It results in a singular support which guarantees to 100% the rider’s safety.

paire d'étriers Mandtis impression 3D SLS personnalisés Made in France

A new system for riding boots is born with the creation of Mandtis stirrups. It has come up when Mandtis magnetic savoir-faire has met shoemaker’s ones.
It only consists in screwing washers under the sole of riding boots. These screws do not damage nor run through the sole of your boots. You can remove the magnetic system from your boots as you wish.
Mandtis stirrups are only available on our website or on our stands during fairs or events.

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