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Equestrian spurs : Magnetic and 3D technology by Mandtis

The new Mandtis spurs are flexible and offer great comfort to riders. 3D SLS products are characterized by a unique design allowing a perfect stability on riding boots. Mandtis, thanks to the feature of new leading-edge technologies, conceives new products made of qualitative and long-lasting materials to ensure the protection of your ankles and riding boots.

A new magnetic fastening system has been added to this new-generation spurs. The magnetic “sans fil ni clip” technology created by Mandtis is a real revolution in terms of fastening systems. This French magnetic savoir-faire allows you to change your spur-tips in a blink of an eye and guarantees you a flawless conformity.

Mandtis has also added a new security axis to this new version to ensure the fixing system.
The spurs outline is conceived with 3D SLS printing technology. This cutting-edge process sinters nylon powder and results in a unique product. Thanks to informatic data, the laser carves nylon powder in a tray to form the final product.
In this way, laser sintering creates a new era in the fields of high performance and long-lasting materials.Mandtis spurs are now available on and at our resellers.
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