About Mandtis

Mandtis : Attraction at its Purest

Our desire to attain perfection is the foundation of Mandtis’ philosophy. Every step in the evolution of our products is geared towards one purpose, and one purpose only : (pure) simplicity.

Function meets Form

Simplicity can be beautiful and functional at the same time. Minimalism and seductive design are the cornerstones of our design philosophy. Decades of equestrian experience inspire what we create. The results are for you to enjoy.

Made in France

France is where this adventure began. This is where we were awarded the Prix de l’innovation at the Salon du Cheval de Paris in 2014. We love our home ground but we believe France is just the beginning. Good ideas need to be shared.

Our Magnetic System is Unique, and So Are You

We use the latest in magnetic technology to bring refreshingly modern, original solutions to your sporting traditions. It’s what you’ve always loved about your sport… just better, faster and stronger.

Knowledge is Key

We harnessed our technical know-how to create products that let you fully enjoy what you love, and look great doing it.

The never-ending quest

We hand-pick only the finest materials to create the most refined products for you to use. We are always working to perfect our art. If perfection does exist, we aim to bring it to you.

Together we thrive

Every rider dreams of achieving greater heights in this sport we all love. We would be honoured to be the partner that takes you there. We promise to give you our best, so you can achieve your very best form.

They trust our innovation.

Partners and ambassadors, they help making our products available for all.

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